Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pieces of Vandy

Vandana couldn’t take her eyes of Laksha . The perfect face – eyelashes long , the nose pert and lovely rosebud mouth. Who wouldn’t love her. Her whole family did, so much so, they always ran to her side for every little gesture. Her father who pretended deafness at her every shout, seem hear Laksha’s little sigh from a mile away.

Who could compete with a smile so angelic, that even butter would melt at the mere sight of it? Vandy certainly couldn’t. As she washed away at the clothes, she thought that even a month back everyone had centred on Vandy. Her every whim was satisfied, her favorite foods prepared or bought. Calls from all her friends all the time and total relaxation in front of the idiot box. Then Laksha had arrived, and Vandana’s life seemed to take a role reversal. The friends faded away , the pampering was forgotten and now all she seemed to do is serve Laksha’s every whim. Looking at the loads of clothes she had to dry, Vandy felt a sense of frustration sweep over her. She was a leader, a manager in the outside world, she wouldn’t let a little piece of pretty get in the way of her life. She wanted to get out, away from her family and Laksha, run towards the life where she was free and happy.

Overcome by the urge to fly, Vandy changed into her outside clothes, picked up her bag, and started towards the door. As she neared it, her mom eyed her disapprovingly and her dad glared.
“Nothing should stop me now .I rebelled against the world and got married, I stopped my boss in his tracks when he raged and I have even bungee jumped from a barely hanging bridge . Family disapproval would definitely not stop me” she thought. As she took the step out, a little mewl stopped her. She looked out at the waiting auto, at another sigh and a mewl, seemed to block everything else. She knew she couldn’t win. She shooed the auto away and turned back .

As the hand curled around her chain and the burp sounded, she knew she made the right choice. Her daughter had made her life topsy turvey but as the bald head snuggled into her shoulder, she knew that a piece of her had fitted right back in .As usual, the craziness of the world faded away and absolute peace seemed to settle in on Vandy, when her little piece of heaven was with her