Friday, August 29, 2008

Hope twinkles

My eyes opened with a smile on my lips
But fear lingered in my heart.
Looking around at snatches on the news screen
I suddenly felt worried for a while

How can such beauty bear violence and hurt
That destroys everything our fathers built
Red that was as bright as a brides lipstick
Flowing like a river among broken young men

Will humanity ever survive this surge
Of hate and uncertainty
Men constantly trying to better their lives
But leave their souls behind

I shuddered and drew a deep breath,
Lost in sadness
On what the future holds
For the entire race, dear to the gods above

Just then I saw a Childs eyes
Twinkling in hope and happiness
Maybe everything would be sorted right
By those little ones with smile on their lips.


Whitelighter said...

Terrible beauty is what abounds in the world now. May the hope in the child's eyes never dull down.

Solitaire said...

I wish it did. We think that children are our future. The truth is, we spoil the present and present them with a bad future.

SMM said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi ,

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Keshi said...

Children r precious! I look at the twinkle in the eyes of kids and see the beauty of the world...


dharmabum said...

hope, beautifully penned.

Keshi said...

come n check out my doc's pic!


utopia said...

Hope floats as I always like to say so and sometimes tis twinkles like you said. Why don't you write your stories anymore? I loved each and every one of them. Please write some more.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you write poetry too! Lovely.
Especially liked the foll. bits:
1) ...leave their souls behind....
2) ...children and their smile...
You might want to edit it once, for eg., to keep all verbs in the same tense.

Lakshmi said...

loved the lines..great imagery..may the child's future be great

Fantasies of a Lifetime said...

Lovely poem ,

but there are children like them brain washed to fight a war that is not theirs , brainwashed from innocence into the land full of guns. .Its sickening what these morons do to some of those twinkling eyes :(

dintoons said...

true, only a child's innocent eyes and pure heart can heal our world...
and that child IS each one of us, in the deepest recesses of our hearts :)

Anonymous said...

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You've been tagged.
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